Alex M Brandt is the author of the Quantum Ascension series, a Galaxy-spanning saga of humanity’s struggle to survive against the threat of psychotic warmechs – both terrestrial and alien – run out of control.

His stories are also about advanced AI (good & bad), exotic future technology, the nature of the universe, the Fermi Paradox, dangerous nanotech and the future of humanity. We also have aliens, Jim, but not as we know them. They’re millions of years ahead of us – and in hiding. Plus a hint of Fantasy from alien ‘magic’. To quote Arther C. Clarke, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Alex lives with his wife and three cats halfway up a mountainside close to the rocky shores of the Mediterranean Sea. When he’s not writing, he’s walking in the hills discovering old cities or sailing along the coast in the wake of Odysseus discovering new fish restaurants. He’s a big fan of hard scifi with a dash of humor.

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