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AI killing machines destroyed his family - how can Ben trust an alien AI to save humanity?

Ben has just completed a hard day’s work blowing up psychotic killing machines, when he’s acclaimed a hero and sent off to Ceres, an icy planetoid orbiting beyond Mars. He sees this as a promotion – his boss sees this as a way of getting him killed. Once he gets to Ceres he discovers his imminent demise is the least of his problems.

Invincible aliens are on their way from the far side of the Galaxy to eradicate all human life.  And the only faint hope for the survival of the human race is a very special young woman, a human/AI hybrid who his bosses also want to destroy. The AI is of alien origin, and gives her “magical” powers. This helps her to fool and outwit the people trying to kill her. Ben would rather just shoot them.

He’s also skeptical about the mysterious Alien AI.  Humanity’s own experiments with advanced AI led to the rise of the crazed warmechs that destroyed his family. But as it turns out, nothing is quite what it seems, and everyone has a hidden agenda.

Praise for Quantum Whispers

Loved it! An excellent tale of human survival set against the backdrop of psychotic, AI driven war machines, and alien intelligences . . .

The most intriguing part of this book is the fact that it is thoroughly unpredictable . . . it offers more than a dash of mystery. At whatever point you think you’re beginning to get a handle on the story something comes along and sends you down a whole different road. This infinite unfolding of plot lines always leaves you guessing and keeps you turning pages until the very last page.

The pacing is really fast and it will take some getting used to as you race from one danger to another with almost no breaks . . .

The human angle isn’t lost despite the fact that there are other sentient intelligent beings and their technologies around.

~ Reedsy Discovery

Returning to Earth to rescue his abducted sister, Ben discovers horrors far worse than any warmech. At least the warmechs only want to kill him. These new monsters, the Transcendents, and their human allies, want to extract his brain to serve their evil purposes in a human/AI hybrid.

And everywhere he turns, someone — or something — is trying to nuke him, freeze him or fry him, with the bad guys always one jump ahead.

Millions die when the Transcendents make their final move. Now he must find their hiding place in time to save the surviving population on Earth. And when he does, he will discover something far worse than any Transcendent.

Human necromancers have made a dark pact with deadly aliens in exchange for absolute power. But now their alien nanotech has consumed them. They are trapped and enslaved, unable to turn away from a compulsion to consume all life, absorb every sentient being.

Ben never wanted to be a hero. He’s tired of getting shot at, blown up or fried while battling evil alien AIs who want to transplant his brain into one of their hybrid monstrosities. And he feels stifled after spending his whole life stuck in metal boxes; whether it’s a Citadel on Earth or a giant rotating Habitat on Ceres.
All he really wants is to get back to nature, with a blue sky above, green trees all around, firm ground beneath his feet and a stream running somewhere nearby.

So now he’s about to leave Ceres, to set up the first farming community in the virgin wilderness on Earth, now the land is once more safe from the warmech threat. Unfortunately for him, the rest of the galaxy has other plans, and Ben is about to learn the truth of the saying: ‘beware of what you wish for’.

Now he’s found his worst nightmare, can Ben conquer his darkest fear?

Trapped on a distant planet, Ben must discover the dark secret hidden there before a supposedly invincible alien AI can steal it to continue its campaign of galactic genocide.

Little does he know that there are other powerful enemies lurking, enemies who want to keep the secret hidden — and are determined to eliminate anyone with knowledge of its existence. For it is evidence of a most hideous crime, committed hundreds of thousands of years ago, resulting in the obliteration of almost every civilization across the galaxy.

Once he discovers its true nature, he is forced to confront a frightening choice. He has only one chance to save not just everyone he loves, but all surviving life in the galaxy. Yet the choice seems to betray everything he believes in, everything he holds dear. Perhaps even forcing him to deny his own humanity.

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