Quantum Gods

Quantum Gods

Now he’s found his worst nightmare, can Ben conquer his darkest fear?

Trapped on a distant planet, Ben must discover the dark secret hidden there before a supposedly invincible alien AI can steal it to continue its campaign of galactic genocide.

Little does he know that there are other powerful enemies lurking, enemies who want to keep the secret hidden — and are determined to eliminate anyone with knowledge of its existence. For it is evidence of a most hideous crime, committed hundreds of thousands of years ago, resulting in the obliteration of almost every civilization across the galaxy.

Once he discovers its true nature, he is forced to confront a frightening choice. He has only one chance to save not just everyone he loves, but all surviving life in the galaxy. Yet the choice seems to betray everything he believes in, everything he holds dear. Perhaps even forcing him to deny his own humanity.


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Quantum Gods

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