Quantum Secrets

Quantum Secrets

Returning to Earth to rescue his abducted sister, Ben discovers horrors far worse than any warmech. At least the warmechs only want to kill him. These new monsters, the Transcendents, and their human allies, want to extract his brain to serve their evil purposes in a human/AI hybrid.

And everywhere he turns, someone — or something — is trying to nuke him, freeze him or fry him, with the bad guys always one jump ahead.

Millions die when the Transcendents make their final move. Now he must find their hiding place in time to save the surviving population on Earth. And when he does, he will discover something far worse than any Transcendent.

Human necromancers have made a dark pact with deadly aliens in exchange for absolute power. But now their alien nanotech has consumed them. They are trapped and enslaved, unable to turn away from a compulsion to consume all life, absorb every sentient being.


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